Heat Transfer Paper, Sticker Sheets, Photo Paper and More

Tired of uploading photos and ordering prints from your local stores? ComboInk is ready with a variety of photo paper to meet your every need. Our affordable, high-quality photo paper produces vivid and instant-dry photos. You order online and we deliver to your door.

Besides photo paper, we also offer premium heat transfer paper, sticker sheets and printable fabric. Select from the categories below to find your item. Get great products at a cheap price.

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Photo Paper

Glossy Photo Paper

Glossy photo paper has a smooth and reflective surface. The finish has a high-contrast appearance and looks slick to the touch when not under glass.
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Matte Photo Paper

Matte photo paper has a very smooth and non-glare surface. Matte finishes have a lower-contrast when printed and are often used to enhance the texture of a print.
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Lustre Photo Paper

Most portraits and wedding photos are typically printed on lustre finish paper. It has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture. The finishes are between glossy and matte.
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Canvas Photo Paper

Canvas paper has a fabric texture which is very pronounced and decorative. With this cloth-like appearance, canvas photo paper prints are great for scrapbooking, framing and gift ideas.
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Woven Photo Paper

Woven photo paper has a glossy to luster finish and known for its ability to stay flat after printing, with no curling on the edges or corners. It's woven texture and waterproof surface makes it the preferred option for weddings, portraits, and professional photography.
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Textured Photo Paper

Our textured photo paper is embossed with a variety of textures that deliver a unique photo printing experience. All sheets print smudge-free, are water resistant, and are created to be universally compatible with most inkjet photo printers.
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Photo Paper

Glossy Sticker Paper

Our premium glossy inkjet magnet sheets are great for creating custom gifts and home décor, including magnetic picture frames.
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Matte Sticker Paper

Create smooth custom stickers for your business, classroom, or home using our premium matte sticker paper and sticker sheets.
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Photo Paper

Inkjet Transfer Paper

Our premium inkjet iron-on t-shirt transfer paper is formulized to keep your brights safe after washing. For use on 100% cotton/poly-cotton blend fabrics. Idea for T-shirt printing using your inkjet printer.
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Photo Paper

Glossy Magnet Sheets

Our premium glossy inkjet magnet sheets are great for creating custom gifts and home décor, including magnetic picture frames.
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Matte Magnet Sheets

Create personalized gifts and home décor using our premium matte inkjet magnet sheets.
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Photo Paper

Cotton Canvas

Get creative with our premium printable cotton canvas fabric. Print your favorite digital art and more.
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Oil Canvas

Our premium printable oil canvas fabric produces beautiful results worthy of any art gallery.
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Sail Canvas

Print high-quality photographs and art reproductions with our premium printable sail canvas fabric.
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